Fuyun County Conducts Specialised Training Course on Ecological Environment Protection and Construct
On 8 March, Fuyun County conducted a training course on strengthening ecological environmental protection and construction. Leaders of townships and townships, leaders in charge of relevant departments of the county, heads of business sections, and heads of some enterprises, totalling 53 people, attended the opening ceremony. Government Deputy Governor Kamasi Mamurbek attended the opening ceremony and speech.
At the opening ceremony, the deputy governor from "improve the position, enhance the sense of urgency, sense of responsibility for the construction of ecological civilisation; pay close attention to the implementation of the work of ecological environmental protection to promote the effectiveness of the work on the ground; to learn and think and practice to understand the high quality of ecological civilisation construction of the task" and other aspects of the requirements.
The training takes the form of "theoretical counselling + observation and investigation + on-site teaching", focusing on the theme of ecological civilisation construction, invited the regional ecological environment system business section responsible person from the "People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Law", environmental pollution prevention and control and ecological civilisation construction, environmental law enforcement and monitoring capacity enhancement and other aspects of the lectures and interpretations, informative content, rich teaching methods, and the ability to improve the quality of the ecological environment. The content is full, rich in teaching methods and targeted, which is of great significance to the current and future work of ecological environmental protection.
Participants have said, will take this training as an opportunity to further enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission, as a good environmental protection "vanguard", consciously carry the responsibility of ecological environmental protection on the shoulders, implementation in action, and promote ecological environmental protection decision-making and deployment of work requirements on the ground, implementation, fall into place.
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