What Are Granite Landforms?
The granite landform is named after a type of rock. It can be formed in various climate zones and found in orogenic belts across China and the rest of the world. It is dominated by ridges and peaks, hoodoos , rock walls, peak clusters, peak pillars, stalacto-stalagmite, stone stacks as a result of collapses , and core stones formed by various forces such as tectonic uplift, wind, weathering, flowing water, ice and snow, gravity, etc. on the basis of granitoid formed 10,000 to four billion years ago. The granite landforms in Keketuohai can be classified into two categories. The first category encompasses peak clusters, jagged peaks, quaquaversal peaks, tower-shaped peaks, ridge-shaped hills, broad valleys, niches, pictographic rocks, and stone stacks as a result of collapses, among other granite rock masses formed by Variscan granite or granodiorite 299 million years ago. The second category includes campanulate peaks, pyramidal peaks, high wall-like mountains, huge dome-shaped peaks, narrow gorges, niches, pictographic rocks, and other granite rock masses formed by Yanshannian porphyritic or giant porphyritic biotite granite about 145 million years ago. Some experts have proposed naming this category "Altay Mountains landform" or "Altay granite landform" due to its unique characteristics when compared to other granite landforms found in other regions.
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