The application materials about Keketuohai golbal geopark recognized by UNESCO
    Recently, the national geological park Keketuohai completeUNESCO Cantonese Chinese official signed and sealed, and addressed to the GGN (UNESCO World Geoparks Network). So far, the complete set of materials submitted Keketuohai All Programs "application materials" Domestic submitted. This marks the declaration of the work made new progress in Keketuohai world geological park.
In the last Keketuohai National Geopark Management Committee and the Technical Support Unit to work together under nine days to complete all levels of government, department liaison unit, writing the application materials, work reports and a series of work. So KEKETUOHAI "World Geopark application materials" through regional, autonomous regions, Geological Society of China, the Ministry of Land, UNESCO approval of Chinese Cantonese and other levels of government, sector units. And all levels of government, sector units support and help in the successful completion of their joint efforts, "the application materials" to the UNESCO World Geoparks Network submitted to the work.
Next, Keketuohai National Geopark expert opinion in accordance with the feedback, and promote the comprehensive geological diversity and the conservation of biological diversity, based on the uniqueness of the ecological advantages and characteristics, to intensify the follow-up preparations. We are hoping Geoparks network platform to carry out exchanges and cooperation, share experience in protecting and promoting the construction of ecological civilization, to ensure Keketuohai sustainable development.
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