The most beautiful people in the world are at the Keketuohai , and you're all that's missing!

Is everyone's status on the 18th of February
People at work, heart in the ski resort
This is the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon
Snowmobilers from all over the world
Enjoy the snow like the wind in Keketuohai .
This place not only understands winter, but also understands romance.
A place where snow is truly a blessing.
It opens in October, and in May of next year
The snow quality is still very good
You can ride the slopes and enjoy the food.
You'll be able to learn to ski with your friends or snowshoes.
In this way
Skiing is better than falling in love.

Experience skiing, stay in the snowy countryside, feel the Northwest style
Spend a snowy and icy Chinese New Year

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while watching the snow fall.
It instantly washes away all the fatigue and travelling.
That's why people who ski
Are always being healed by nature

We are waiting for you in Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark.

Keketuohai National Geopark
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