Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark Spring Festival Travel Guide
1. Booking transport: Choose the appropriate mode of transport according to your personal situation. Book air tickets, train tickets or car hire services in advance to ensure a smooth journey.
2. Accommodation booking: During the Spring Festival, which is the peak period for travelling, it is necessary to book accommodation in advance and choose suitable hotels or B&Bs.
3. Prepare equipment: Prepare enough clothes, snow gear and other necessary equipment according to the weather forecast and activity needs.
4. Safety first: when skiing, choose the snow track that suits your level and wear good protective equipment; if you are driving, pay attention to the weather changes and slow down your speed.
5. Respect local customs: In the process of playing, we should respect local customs.
6. Take care of the environment: Keep the environment hygienic, do not litter, and pay attention to the protection of cultural relics and monuments in the geopark.
7. Take care of personal belongings: In the process of travelling, take care of your belongings, especially valuables, so as not to lose or be stolen.
8. Keep in touch: In the course of travelling, keep in touch with your family or friends and report your safety in time.
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