Memorable Keketuohai
    Xinjiang once rare, there are a group of friends Xiangpei would like to place plants and trees, the air, water, bit by bit, printed in the brain. Even away and then look back, as if in front of the King, people around, no regrets, once everything is into memories.
    We walked along the river to go inside places, pristine nature gradually lifted her veil to show us a picture of the southern frontier. Deep blue sky clarification, as if painted sky blue paint, like pure crystal, suspended occasionally faint trace strands of white clouds, flowing free and easy. Is in contact with the sky towering majestic mountains, where the mountains but different, is a mountain of stone, stone is a mountain, the natural formation of rocks has created a vivid pictographic stone. Rich stone turtle, leopard stone, trunk peak, camel peak, peak macro Taj, breasts peak ...... afar, life, most people are surprised scenic landmarks - God Zhongshan, such as a clock upside down in the amount of the south bank. God Zhongshan height 365 meters, 365 days every day symbolizes peace, majestic Zhongshan described as "Koho standing proudly cliff Piercing the Clouds, cliff forced water", if you look carefully, but also in front of the rock god Zhongshan Kazakh beauty seen on Sarah's head, pouring down black hair, deep eyes, aquiline nose, full lips, it seems one can imagine Sarah Amir followed all the way to the foot of Zhongshan fled to God, living day and as the sunset shepherd life. Early in the morning, in the amount of river Sarah grooming own black hair, beautiful face amount of reflection in the clear water, the sweet smile flower bloom, all around are filled with happiness. At this time, angry macro Taj picked up a bow and arrow toward the once beloved child, trying to ruin everything. At this time, white-bearded grandfather appears, and macros hope Amir Taj with their true love verified. Who is offering the river from the amount of water to make red stone, who really loved Sarah. Results Amir water turned red, but was blocked by hatred eyes macro Taiji is still not willing to try sword stabbing Sarah, white-bearded grandfather pointing to lift macro Taj becomes a god Zhongshan behind Fergus Jifeng, only far looked at Sarah Amir and happy life, and Amir and Sarah lovers get married, life together, spend a lifetime. After hearing endless stories we peeing, although the story is bizarre twists and turns, but Sarah's picture was permanently left on God Zhongshan, have lamented the magic nature of the creature.
    Along irtysh Grand Canyon, we drove to see the horses and sheep herders, so leisurely, high spirits. It is said that the Kazakh white swan into, a wing sing, ride a horse has wings. There was even an exaggeration to say, before the child can not speak, you can sing, will not walk before riding, so Kazak called "nation on horseback", a traditional Kazak is herding of their annual Depending must continue to transition season, about three months a year in transition, reportedly walked the streets of their lives can circle around the equator, visible as much as they walked the streets. The road is full of hardships and dangers, the mountain is not good to go, all the way through the clutter, but also continue to drive cattle to prevent dispersion wandered off, the way there at risk wolves, wild boar, bears and other wild beasts of Kazakhstan, rains down snow weather, makes it harder to go. This is not an ordinary person can adapt to life, perhaps only honest Kazakh nomads to be so hard lived so colorful, wonderful, leisurely. Tired and sleepy in the green field covered with hand-embroidered carpets take a break and go to sleep hungry and thirsty, then a pot of mountain spring water, or cook a savory tea, chewing roasted Nang, support from the evening simple tents to-day cover for the House, which is what kind of life?
    Person's life, there are many ways to spend, you can in the city trying to find their place, what you want to hard toil, struggle through life can be as simple as nomads, living a simple but fulfilling the law life. Different choices in life, people's attitude to life is also different. Or, I can, in the bustling city, think less, had some simple and pure, less flashy, more and more precipitation.
    Happy time is always short, we must bid farewell to the beautiful Keketuohai, a lot of sadness, a lot of frustration, more sad is once again experiencing the pain of parting. He waved farewell again, a thousand words, I do not know how to speak. Our affection and stay in Keketuohai memories, always so fresh, not fade! Goodbye, sisters, do not, memorable Keketuohai, I will always miss you!
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