Keketuohai Study and Practice Camp was selected as the second batch of science education bases to be
Recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Association for Science and Technology organised a review meeting for the second batch of autonomous region's science education bases for the period of 2021-2025, and the Keketuohai Study and Practice Camp was selected as one of the second batch of autonomous region's science education bases for the period of 2021-2025.
Relying on the unique resource endowments of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, Keketuohai Mineral Treasure and Keketuohai National Vein Spirit, Keketuohai Research and Practice Camp adheres to the development concept of "unchanging the original heart, passing on the fire, inheriting the national vein and unity of knowledge and action". The camp takes awakening young people to grow upwards as the core of its work, constantly stimulates the endowment of young people, encourages and guides them to give full play to their potential, doing from "playing", learning from doing, learning from doing, understanding from doing, and ultimately realising the essence of education, which is that human beings light up human beings. Since the establishment of the camp, it has developed and implemented hundreds of study activities, benefiting tens of thousands of children and parents. The camp attaches great importance to talent cultivation and training, and advocates learning, sharing and progress! All camp instructors regularly accept and pass the assessment of instructor training courses designed by a team of domestic camp education experts, and continue to improve. The camp not only promotes the healthy growth of young people, but also continuously delivers excellent talents to the industry! The camp makes full use of May Day, November and other holidays to lead children to go out and tour the mountains and rivers, to broaden their horizons and add patriotic feelings. The curriculum is designed to cultivate children to start from the people and things around them, accumulate a little public welfare awareness, understand the meaning of caring for others, and then pick up the baton of public welfare.

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