Attention tourists!

Flood control
Over the past few days, the Altai Mountains in Xinjiang, ice and snow melt, the opening of the river is 10 days later than in previous years, the Irtysh River entered the flood season, the river rose. Running river water through the forest belt on both sides, for hundreds of thousands of acres of downstream ecological forests and pastures in time to "quench their thirst", the scene is spectacular.
Along with the flood season, the geopark of the road river water diffusion, the river valley ice and snow began to gradually melt, flash flood-prone areas of the risk of occurrence of the possibility of larger. Travelling roads are waterlogged, the passage is not smooth, reminding drivers to slow down in the driving process, the river to avoid playing. At the same time, the geopark within the interval car will also do a good job of preparation, in a timely manner to meet the needs of tourists in and out of the scenic area, to avoid unnecessary queues and traffic jams.
Herders transfer
With the change of the season and the transfer of pasture grazing, called transhumance. This year, the Keketuohai herdsmen transhumance in the middle and late June or so, at that time, the shepherds will drive cattle and sheep, through the Keketuohai Geopark, to the canyon depths of a hundred kilometres away from the summer pasture.
Shepherds transfer situation gradually frequent, transfer large-scale, long distance, slow speed, and through the jurisdiction of a number of major traffic roads, traffic hazards are prominent, easy to cause traffic accidents.
At the same time, to remind the jurisdiction of the driver in the driving process of slowing down, do not blare the horn, pay attention to avoid the transfer of herdsmen and livestock, to ensure their own safety under the premise of the herdsmen also smooth transfer escort.
Flood control plan
From 11 June to 20 June, we will circulate the flood warning video screen on the electronic big screen in the square to remind you that you can ensure the safety of you and your companions.
In the Geopark, we will play flood warning tips by voice in the ticket office, entrance ticket office, Holy Bell Peak car park and other areas where people gather, and at the riverside of Holy Bell Peak, Amir Bridge, Holy Bell Peak clock point, Camel Peak ride area, hot springs and other easy to go down to the riverside to play and take photographs.
Geopark will be broadcast through the tourism public toilet TV screen flood warning video screen, to remind you and your companions safety.
The Geopark currently has a total of 100 inter-district buses, according to the growth of tourists to do a good job of renting and transferring vehicles in advance, to meet the needs of your normal entry and exit of the Geopark.
June 12 to June 20, due to the herdsmen to change the field, the river rises and other reasons, resulting in the Geopark internal traffic tension, driving tours are suspended today, other vehicles are not allowed to drive into the Geopark for the time being.
due to the rising river, can not pass, we will temporarily suspend the opening of the camel's hump to the hot springs section.
Security measures

We have already guaranteed the road facilities that are prone to be washed away by floods, and the Geopark has already equipped one forklift and one excavator each, which are on standby 24 hours a day at the established locations to ensure the timely repair of washed away sections of the road.
We have already stocked sandbags and cement bags for the water-prone sections to prevent water from flooding and to ensure the safety of yourself and your property.
We have established an emergency rescue team, reserve sufficient emergency rescue materials, and organise an emergency rescue team of no less than 15 people to protect your safety.
If encountered unavoidable circumstances, we will do a good job of stranding you and your companions in the evacuation and appeasement work, to ensure that you and your companions of their own and property safety.

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