Fall in love with keketuohai

Aftergraduates from universityfivesharp,veryfond memories ofthe same quartersofthe sisterstime together, carefree,and chatall night,wake uptogether, washtogether, eat together, schooltogether, shoppingtogether,watcha movie,do togetherjob,crytogether,laugh together......for each other'shappinessand well-being, a sense ofeach other'ssorrowandsadness,the so-calledpure friendship,the familyis more thanyou want toclose,moremindsthan theopposite sex.Human life, blessedfate,right time,right place,like-mindedsisters,all thisby chance,in order to establishsuchdeep feelings.Fate,hard to come by!
Wemake the decision,toone of themwork in the citytogether.During the discussionisfull ofcomedy, weuncompromising,all wanteach otherto see their ownplace to liveand work,there isthe bustling city ofBeijing and Shanghai, there areWeihaiKunminglivabletown.In fact,whatis not important,the most important isto seewhocanget together.LastdiscussionsXinjiang,for two reasons:the boss and theyoungestareworkingon that,andwehave been tothe size ofthe city,with the exception ofXinjiangis too far awayforus,are not familiar with,onlyimaginethe vastGobidesert, taking advantage ofthe opportunityto feelgoodaboutWestern style.Gooddecisions, wewilleachpackready to go.
The placewherethe first place iscalledKeketuohai,located in XinjiangAltayFuyun County,said to be themost northerlyplacein Xinjiang,the name sounds good,do not know theplaceits name,isabeautiful place.Weexpecta littletrace oflonging, anda sense ofthrobbing.I can not imaginethe vastXinjiang,Keketuohaiwhat will bethe big picture.All the wayback and forth,was removed several times,Xinjiangwe are!Standing on thelandKeketuohaiand sawonce the mostpro-peoplestanding in front ofus,a thousand wordslocked inhis throat, but justembrace,did not say anything.Joy,moved,excited,all kinds offlavorsin my mind,and evensay hello toallmy mouth......
The first one and the third onetook usto rest,to liveKeketuohaireception center,in the room,we forgot todaytimefatigueand exhaustion, as if backin college, and talklate into the night,until the eyecould not openitand fellasleep.
Early in the morning,we atebreakfastwiththe youngestbossinreception centers,eight peoplesurrounded a table, reallya kind of illusion,thenwelooklikethe kind offamiliar,as ifnever lefteach other.A closer look ateachchange,reallyhas changeda lot,become mature, and alsohave lost into abeautiful,butthat look,thataction,orso familiar, did notchange.After breakfast, the bosssaid,he took a day off,took us toKeketuohaisceniclook, in fact,saw thesisters,their mindsonthehalf,unable to withstandrepeated persuasion,wewent to theresortto go.
Keketuohaitownisasmalltown, very few people,mainlyethnicKazakhsdominated.The townis veryquiet, notnoisyandloud,likea paradise-likecomfortable.Bypassing thevillage, they begin toenter the areaof the road,the waythe riveraccompanied byverdant trees.Boss saidthis is theIrtysh River,onthe riverhas a lot ofstories.Sheisonly oneChinaoutflowriverflowsfrom east to west,all the way tothe Pentiumflows tothe Arctic Ocean.Sheis the mother riverof Xinjiangpeople, rushinghis wayto importdozens oflarge and smallwater systems,leaving a string ofvaluablepastureandgrassland.Because of herspecialwaterconditions, richhigh-qualitypebbles,many of whichbecame theamount of riverrocksand reputationinside and outside Xinjiang.Irtysh Riverwater ismeltedsnowfromthe mountains,the wateris verycold,even in thesummer heat, thewatervolumeof the riveris stillbiting cold,buttherethere aremore than thirty kinds ofcold-water fish,spawningchildrenhere,thrive.And it contains mineral elements, have opsonization female fertility, infertility can help pregnant women, because they are called Songzi River.Boss familiar as his right, we really can not help but sigh Xinjiang is Tianbao, hidden talent!Say the real hidden talent, boss went on to say that here, but also a few gems resources.Keketuohai is the famous "gem town", rich aquamarine, beryl, tourmaline, garnet, crystal and many other precious stones, gems Xinjiang mostly produced here.And the town has a Keketuohai III pit by a few hundred meters above the ground is dug into the mountains abruptly deep beneath one hundred fifty meters, the length and width are more than two hundred and fifty meters of oval spiralpit, with the same magnificent Roman Colosseum.Which contains a lot of mineral resources, many of which are ranked first in the country, and this extraordinary feats III mine, once one-third of the Soviet Union to repay the loan for the country, but also has provided a number of important raw materials for the country's two bombsBut so great a pit, in the fifties and sixties of the last century, when the position could not find on a map Three pit, he has been a code "111 Mine" represents.This was also the development of national defense needs.So Keketuohai this town, although very humble, more unknown, but it is for the country to make a significant contribution to the town, but it has been very low key.
After hearingabout theold sister, a surge ofnational pridewells up,I want tofall in love withthis humbletownof.Listen tothe bossofKeketuohaisogains,weall knowthat oncehaughtygirlreallyfell in love withthesimplenatureofthe place.Shetook us intomore than justa beautifulbeautifulplace,but also in thehistory ofthe coatedheavysum,acoexistence ofbeauty and wisdomsacred place.Ithink, formeto dothat,I wouldbe willingto give upcity lifehere,watching thesteadyaccompanyKeketuohai,getting old.
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