Keketuohai International Ski Resort Selected as Second Batch of National Ski Tourism Resorts
On 3 March, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Administration of Sport announced the list of the second batch of national ski tourism resorts, and Xinjiang Fuyun Keketuohai Ski Tourism Resort was selected.
Keketuohai International Ski Resort is located in the northeastern part of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, with the highest altitude of 3,100 metres, the snow field has woods, U troughs, mushroom forests, and other natural powder snow terrain, blending the early snow season, long snow season, good body feeling, supporting the full range of characteristics in one, it is a set of skiing, athletics, hosting domestic and international competitions as one of the international ski resort. The ski resort is an international ski resort with skiing, competition and hosting domestic and international competitions.
1, the real "good snowman less". Keketuohai mainly relies on natural snowfall, and the natural snow is drier and less likely to freeze, and the snow quality is first class.
2, the snow path is wide and long: Cocotocai altitude difference of 1,219 metres, high enough to have a long enough snow path.
3, here the annual snowfall period of 210 days, snow period of up to 7 months, snow thickness of 1.5 metres - 2 metres.
4, is the country's earliest open board, closed board the latest ski resort, with unique climatic conditions and latitude location of the annual ski season can last until around May.
5, Keketuohai International Ski Resort is able to meet the needs of all FIS alpine racing events training and competition venues.
The successful selection will be important for Fuyun County to promote the cultural tourism and recreation industry chain, actively cultivate market players, and constantly enrich the development of tourism and holiday-conference events, study and training and other industrial forms, and actively undertake domestic and foreign ice and snow sports, outdoor sports and other types of events.
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