Every bit of the winter driving circuit is not to be missed!

As we watch snow fall one after another
And the long winter has come to Altay
Everyone is looking forward to it again
Looking forward to
Tranquil and peaceful villages, beautifully silent snowfields,
The passionate snow fields, the leisurely cattle and sheep.
Everything is beautiful and silent ......
In the forest coverage rate is super high, negative oxygen ions bursting Altay, driving is probably the most straight to the soul of the winter travel, today Xiaoyuan hands on a can see the beautiful scenery, food, ski powder snow, participate in a variety of activities of the [Altay region winter small loop] line and play, remember to collect!

Tourist route recommendation:
"Fuyun County - Burqin County - Habahe County - Altay City".
Fuyun County: Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, Keketuohai International Ski Resort, Talat Folk Village;
Burqin County: Hemu, (Hemu) Jikplin National Ski Resort, Kanas National Geopark;
Habahe County: Baihaba;
Altay City: General Mountain International Ski Resort.

This driving line can simultaneously meet the pursuit of beauty and hobby skiing needs, in addition to the above scenic spots, Altay has a very large number of places worth going to, but not too much to list, to retain a trace of mystery, waiting for you to discover!

First stop: Fuyun County /

🚩Recommended places: Irtysh Grand Canyon, No.3 Mine, Keketuohai International Ski Resort in Fuyun County, Talat Folk Village;

🚩Recommended items: skiing, Talat night view, etc

🚩Recommended activities: Ice and Snow Style Festival series of activities, Talat New Year's Eve, etc.

Driving in the Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, you will marvel at everything you meet on the road, the snow painting on the ice, the ice painting on the river, and all of these painting in your eyes.

The Third Vein and the village of Talat are places not to be missed no matter what the season!

/Stop 2: Burqin County

🚩Recommended places: Hemu Village in Burqin, Gikplin International Ski Resort in Burqin, and Kanas National Geopark

🚩Recommended items: sunrise at Hemu, skiing, home visit, horse-drawn plough, etc

🚩Recommended activities: freezing fog festival, food festival, primitive year, etc.

In winter, there will be a lot of "gremlins" visiting the Kanas geopark, such as wild foxes. If you meet them, please treat them kindly, and do not feed them, because human food with high sugar and salt will make them sick.

 / Stop 3: Habahe County /

🚩Recommended place: Baihaba Village

🚩Recommended items: horseback riding, home visits, shooting the starry sky and so on

🚩Recommended activities: Ice and Snow Style Festival series activities, New Year's Eve, etc.

Baikaba village in winter has a sense of "solitude", is the kind of world and independent, more quiet than quiet beauty, this is also one of the only three remaining villages of the Mongolian Tuva people (the only three remaining villages of the Mongolian Tuva people: Womu village, Kanas village and Baikaba village).

 / Stop 4: Altay City /

🚩Recommended place: General Mountain International Ski Resort in Altay City;

🚩Recommended items: skiing, watching sunset, night view, etc;

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