(Wetland Observation) Kekesuli Wetland Aquatic Plants

Kekesuli Wetland

wetland plant

There's this group of plants.
They grow in wet areas all year round.
Rooted underwater.
Even if the whole plant is submerged or floating on the surface.
They can still grow tenaciously
They are the tough and amazing wetland plants
Today, I'm going to lead you
Let's explore the amazing wetland plants together

What you know about wetland plants

Caragana spinosa
Produced in Xinjiang
Grows on mountain slopes and beaches
Mainly used for protection and ornamental purposes

Descuminia sophia

Annual herb with medicinal seeds, diuretic, expectorant and asthmatic.

Chamaerhodos erecta        
It has the efficacy of dispelling wind-dampness and is often used in rheumatic arthritis.

Tamarix hispida        

Autumn flowering, very beautiful, suitable for desert areas with low humidity, saline and alkaline sandy land for sand fixation, greening and afforestation, and for fuel wood.

Setaria viridis        

Born in the wilderness, roadside, a common weed of dryland crops, its culms and leaves can be used for fodder, can also be used as medicine. Cure carbuncle and stasis, face ringworm

Triglochin maritima        

Ophiopogonaceae water maitake is a perennial herb, the plant is slightly stout, the whole grass and fruit can be used as medicine, and can also be used as forage plant. Also used as forage plant

Cynanchum sibiricum        

Born in arid and desert grey calcareous soil depressions, not yet introduced by artificial cultivation, expelling wind and relieving pain

Capsella bursa-pastoris        

The whole herb is used as medicine, with diuretic, haemostatic, heat-clearing, eyesight-improving and eliminating stagnant efficacy.

Ceratocarpus arenarius        

It is a favourite plant for camels all year round, and for cows, horses and sheep in spring

Spiraea hypericifolia        

It is a favourite plant of goats and sheep, especially lambs that prefer leaflets and inflorescences.

Sophora alopecuroides        

Drought-resistant, alkali-resistant, fast-growing. Often cultivated on both sides of the Yellow River to fix soil and sand.

Alhagi camelorum        

In the harsh ecological environment, the It is used as one of the plant species for wind and sand control

In Kekesuli Wetland, different varieties of plants, each playing a unique and important role, bring a unique charm and poetry to the place.


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