Keketuohai's circle of friends of birds is expanding!
Kekesuli Lake, also known as Wild Duck Lake, is located in the central part of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, in which there are more than 20 large and small floating islands formed by reeds with intertwined roots, and aquatic plants are abundant. The reeds float on the surface of the water, drifting with the wind, the lake scenery changes with the change of the reeds. Kekesuli Lake has both the exquisite beauty of West Lake and the maze of reeds of Baiyangdian, which is a beautiful scene of "sand gulls gathering" and "fish flying to the bottom of the shallow water" in the water countryside.

Birds in wetlands

In the view of the ancients, the heron with its pure white plumage is a noble and sacred thing, a symbol of the perfect unity of the outer beauty of the instrument and the inner nobility of the spirit. A symbol of perfect unity

Nowadays, the heron family is the "oldest resident" of the Kekesuli Wetland, roosting in the reed forests, foraging for food in the water, and catching fish with great agility and swiftness, the heron is one of the important biological species in the wetland ecosystem, which is not a crane. But it has a crane-like style.

Many migratory birds, attracted by the environment of Kekesuli Lake Island during their migration, have They have settled down


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