Keketuohai welcomes the first batch of participants of red education activities this year

With the gradual warming of tourism in Xinjiang, the number of tourists travelling to the Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark for trips and scientific research tours is also gradually increasing. 12-14 June, the Geopark ushered in the first batch of participants of this year's red education activities - more than 30 young people from the Party School of the Hejing County of the Bayinguoleng Mongol Autonomous Prefecture. Party members and cadres conducted a three-day red-themed educational expedition in Keketuohai.
In the geological exhibition hall, the No. 3 mine site, and the Aiguozi mine pit, the young party members and cadres from the Hejing County Party School listened to the stories of the development of the mining industry in Keketuohai, the red merit of sharing the country's worries, and walked on the mine road, ate the miners' meals, and experienced the hardships of the old generation of Xinjiang entrepreneurs. Afterwards, participants from the Party School of Hejing County also exchanged views with cadres from the model village of Talat on the revitalisation of the countryside, learnt about advanced management experience, and studied local minority dances.



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