5.19 China Tourism Day and the Fifth "Keketuohai Cup" Hiking Competition

At the beginning of summer, come to Keketuohai for a forest hike. Measure the beauty of the scenery with your feet, and feel the green and coolness with your whole body. Let's enjoy the early summer together.

In response to the 5.19 China Tourism Day, the theme activity of "Perceiving Chinese Culture, Enjoying a Beautiful Journey", advocating the fitness of the whole nation, enjoying the health and fun brought by sports, realising the integrated development of tourism and fitness, and giving full play to the function of tourism, which is to bring fitness into tourism, to teach tourism and to bring fun into tourism, as well as its role in improving the quality of the nation and inheriting the cultural classics, Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark held the fifth "Keketuohai Cup" Gemstone Culture Hiking Competition.

The Keketuohai, with its beautiful surroundings and pleasant climate, is an ideal place for hiking. The green paths are lined with lush vegetation and can be used for cycling, hiking or climbing.

This activity we continue the previous hiking competition activities, should be better developed and promoted, so that tourists experience diverse Xinjiang, colourful Keketuohai, we will also be the scenic area of the ecological resources advantage and culture, Keketuohai spirit of the red culture, etc., to combine, to develop more characteristics of tourism products.

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