Keketuohai Camp won third place in the Project Firefly National Camp Planning Competition!
In December 2021, the "Project Firefly" Camp Planning Competition organised by Headline Learning kicked off, with 83 teams and individuals from all over the country participating in the competition. The competition is conducted in three stages: preliminary round, final round, and final round, with the output of a complete set of on-the-ground camp course programme based on "theme course design + course scenario implementation + camp operation planning", and the comprehensive ability of the participants will be practiced in a comprehensive way. Camp coaching team all the way from the preliminary round of the national audition, to the jury group assessment review won, and then to the final ppt report, the jury group grabbed the microphone comment: "Keketuohai is the place that we long for, you integrate the resources to do such a good job, continue to store publicity, Keketuohai is worth a trip for each of us". Finally achieved a good result of the third place, we will also continue to work hard, in the new year, will be their own advantages, do better.

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