Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark conducts fire emergency drill to build safety defence for visitors

Recently, the geopark to "safety first, tourists first" as the theme, organisation of the Yuanfang Hotel, the Yuanfang travel agency and other units in conjunction with the Keketuohai Town Fire Brigade, the Keketuohai town central health hospital to carry out fire safety emergency drills, and effectively improve the staff's awareness of fire prevention, emergency response capabilities and optimize the emergency management operating procedures and norms. Disposal ability and optimise the emergency management operating procedures and norms.
Fire drill in the Keketuohai visitor service centre, the staff from the ignition of flammable and explosive materials disposal, report the fire situation, and then to the security department immediately start the emergency plan, the emergency response team quickly arrived at the designated location, the fire can be controlled, and finally extinguish the fire is completed, the emergency response team and the medical staff quickly to the rescue of disabled persons, the whole process of intense and orderly, all in one go.

Staff quickly evacuate visitors

Security Department staff first time with fire extinguishers, fire hydrants to control the fire

Fire engines arrived at a rapid pace and firefighters quickly extinguished the fire to save lives

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