New Sister Geopark!
On 21st September, a delegation led by Comrade Cui Honggang, Secretary of Taishan Municipal Party Committee, carried out a 2-day inspection of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark.On the morning of 22nd September, a ceremony of concluding sister geopark between Taishan UNESCO Global Geopark and Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark was held in Keketuohai and Comrade Jiansbek Tohtarkhan, Deputy Secretary of Fuyun County Party Committee and Governor of Fuyun County Government, was present at the signing ceremony.
Taishan and Keketuohai are both invaluable treasures for all mankind, and it is the common wish of people all over the world to protect, pass on and make good use of the precious heritage resources. Both are UNESCO Global geoparks, and have their own successful experiences and practices in the management and development of protected areas. The conclusion of the sister geopark relationship is a great opportunity for the different management thinking of the East and the West to collide and exchange with each other, and it is a strong combination of the unique resource advantages and advanced management experience of the two sides. Both sides will share and cooperate in resource protection, geopark management, tourism development, publicity and promotion, etc. Both sides said that we should continue to strengthen the awareness of universal protection, strengthen the protection of world heritage, so that the beautiful landscape culture will be passed on to future generations.
The signing of this contract is the embodiment of the two geoparks seeking in-depth cooperation and expanding the scope of interaction, which will also bring new opportunities for the development of tourism in Fuyun County.
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