Training helps Keketuohai continue to progress
In order to do a better job in Fuyun County's overall tourism work, on the afternoon of 28 August, Fuyun County Culture, Sports, Radio and Tourism Bureau joined hands with various departments to carry out online training activities for all people in the overall tourism. The training took the form of online lectures, and through the live broadcast platform of the Fuyun County Melting Media Centre, focused lectures were given to all party leaders and cadres and the masses in Fuyun County. Through this training, the aim is to let the people of Fuyun County actually understand the overview of the whole region tourism, and deeply understand the importance of the whole region tourism for the later tourism development of Fuyun County.

During the course, Yang Yong, a senior lecturer of the Regional Tourism Association, gave a brief introduction on the basic definition of regional tourism, the importance of regional tourism in the tourism industry, and the basic situation of the construction of regional tourism in Fuyun County. The whole course was easy to understand, so that everyone who came to the class could understand the basic situation of the whole region tourism. When introducing the tourism profile of Fuyun, the situation of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark was introduced in detail, so that many people who were not clear about the UNESCO Global Geopark could actually understand the development of the Geopark in recent years.

The whole training activity, a total of more than 100,000 people to attract more than 100,000 people to watch online, in addition to the local party leaders and cadres, travel-related enterprises, the people, but also attracted the attention of many travellers in Xinjiang.

Later Fuyun County will continue to use online and offline publicity platforms, vigorously carry out large training activities, and constantly promote the systematic learning of cultural and tourism work of party members and leading cadres, and actively cultivate tourism talents, and strive to build a professional team of tourism talents, and lay a solid foundation for the later development of Fuyun's regional tourism work.
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