The Irtysh Grand Canyon

The Irtysh River originates from Altay Mountains, and is the only outflow river in China that flows into the Arctic Ocean from west to east. It flows through the territory of Fuyun County in Xinjiang, and forms a nearly 100-kilometre-long Grand Canyon in the Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, and the Irtysh Grand Canyon is a painting, interpreting the far-reaching meaning of the Chinese landscapes.

Holy Bell Peak

The altitude is 1,359 m. The mountain is rising in a ladder form from east to west, and the relative height difference reaches 351 m. The cliff at the northern side is steep, and the cliff at the southern side is slower. It is the campanulategranite landform formed by the giant porphyritic biotite granite of the Yanshanianthrough continuously detaching, disintegrating and collapsing along the concentric layered joints parallelling slope surfaceunder the freezing weathering.

Countless peaks

The canyon is intertwined with mountains and water, and the aura of the canyon is compelling, with mountains, water, rocks and trees intermingling on both sides of the river. Various strange peaks and rocks are exposed granite rock walls are steep, known as "108 peaks". These unique granite peaks complement the forests of fir, pine, birch and poplar in the canyon and the rocky and fast-flowing E River, naturally creating a simple, cool and quiet landscape painting.

Couple's Tree

On both sides of the canyon, you will find that pine trees and birch trees are often accompanied by each other, and they are the most famous husband and wife trees, which grow side by side and mirror each other, just like the husband and wife who are in love with each other, and they are the most famous couple trees. It's enviable.

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