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In 2013, 82 million yuan was invested to the construction of Keketuohai National Geopark project. Plan, design and study feasibility preparation for the project of demonstrative block of Keketuohai renowned characteristic tourist town and for the facility construction project of the national geopark preservation for natural relics have been accomplished one after another. Main work of Keketuohai Tourist Gathering and Dispersing Center and that of food supply and accommodation area for Irtysh nomadic tribes have been accomplished. Keketuohai National Mining Park Project has witnessed completion of renovation on roads and old bridges and construction of sight-seeing platform. Service functions of the scenic area (spot) are being perfected.More than 48 million Yuan has been invested in the construction of infrastructure by 2014 in Keketuohai Town. The Yuanfang Grand Hotel has been established, and the fund has also been used in the construction of the protective facilities for natural heritage of the Geopark, Lande Warm Spring Experience Center, landscape at the entrance of Shuimogou, traveling routes of treasure exploring and hunting and hiking, etc. Through the predictive analysis of the reception capacity of the tourism hotel of Fuyun County and customer sources, the supply and demand shall be balanced.

Keketuohai National Geopark
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