Explore the Irtysh Grand Canyon
Irtysh Grand Canyon located in the northeastern part of the Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, the canyon is unique in its natural scenery, which makes people forget to come back to the canyon,the mountains are magnificent and winding, and the water is static and dynamic. Mountain because of the water and dynamic, water because of the mountain and rustic. Mountain and water depend on each other, dreamy; stone anthropomorphic elephant-shaped, forest coiled green jungle green, stone because of the forest and strong, forest because of the stone and thick, stone forests are scattered, interesting.

Camel Peak

Eagle Peak

Birch forest

Elephant trunk peak

Elephant Trunk Peak is composed of mixed granite, because it has a layered structure, by the cold weathering and stripping action, in the peak of the knobby surface formed two pieces of rock, from a distance like the elephant's ear, in the peak of the formation of a smooth rock body, like the elephant's trunk, alive and well.

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