The first lecture of the year in Keketuohai is coming!
On 15 January, the first lecture of the year 2020 on the theme of developing high-end B&Bs started in the public reading hall of Keketuohai Jinshan Bookstore! A total of 128 people from leaders in charge of tourism in townships and townships in Fuyun County and owners of B&Bs attended the lecture.
Before the start of the lecture, President Kang of Jinshan Academy introduced Mr Xia Yuqing, the lecturer of the lecture, who is a well-known veteran of the B&B industry in China. Mr Xia Yuqing explained the relevant cases of B&Bs, the origin and definition of B&Bs, and encouraged everyone to change their thinking to make B&B development come alive and exude a long-lasting attraction.
In the interactive session, the B&B owners put forward how to choose the site, how to integrate with the surrounding environment, how to price, how to manage and operate, how to make a cluster effect of B&Bs in the county, etc. Mr Xia Yuqing answered the questions one by one, which gave the B&B owners more ideas on how to develop their own B&Bs in the future.
After the lecture, Zhang Suhong, Vice Mayor of Fuyun County, made a speech, thanking Mr Xia Yuqing for his vivid lecture and encouraging the B&B owners on the spot to continue to innovate and develop their B&Bs, so as to provide better "homes" for tourists coming to Fuyun and add more vitality to the tourism industry of Fuyun.
In 2019, 38 new B&Bs will be built in Fuyun County and Keketuohai, and 17 new B&Bs will be built in 2020. The lecture gave B&B owners an opportunity to discuss with the veterans of the B&B industry on how to develop B&Bs innovatively, and also contributed to the future development of B&Bs in Fuyun.

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