Come on! A nightlife you can experience for as little as 1 yuan.

January 6, 4 pm, Fuyun - Keketuohai - Talat 1 yuan tourism line bus officially launched! 100 tourists to take the 1 yuan tourism line to visit Talat village, the scene of the atmosphere how? Just look at the picture!

The inaugural ceremony was crowded with people, full of anticipation, riding the special Fuyun-Keketuohai-Talat village tourist route line

Whether it's freshly grilled kebabs in the snow or hot pots emanating from the heat, it warms up everyone's body and mind, and there's also a small market to browse.

Fuyun -Keketuohai - Talat Village Tourism Line, daily at 16:00 pm from the Fuyun County Hotel on time to depart, at 22:00 pm from the village of Talat back to the county, want to go to play the village of Talat people can set off tomorrow!

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