Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Advocates for Keketuohai

Recently, the "Daren xiyou" eighth season, "I speak for Xinjiang" large-scale network public welfare action microblogging topic volume exceeded 200 million people, the playback volume has exceeded 310 million people, all the teacher has opened the road to speak for Xinjiang, microblogging 1.7 million fans of the Professor Xi Wuyi of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences also posted on the microblogging for the Keketuohai  endorsement. Professor Xi Wuyi's microblog posting and the posters endorsing Keketuohai have given tourists from other cities in China and even other parts of the world a better understanding of Keketuohai's tourism resources, and have made many people fall in love with Keketuohai in this regard!

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