Prof Su Dechen from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences visited Keketuohai.
On 29th November, Professor Su Dechen, a researcher from China National Geographic and the Institute of Geology of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and the media went into the Keketuohai together. In the geological exhibition hall of Keketuohai, Professor Su's popular explanation gave the staff and media friends a preliminary understanding of the geological resources and history and culture of Keketuohai.
Professor Su said at the scene, "As a geologist, I have the responsibility to put together the most basic general knowledge of geology, so that scientists in other fields as well as the general public can understand geology and love it."
Afterwards, we all went to Jinshan Academy together to listen to Professor Su Dechen's lecture on earthquake science. The audience listened to the lecture attentively and gained a deeper understanding of the various causes of earthquakes, evacuation at the time of an earthquake, and post-disaster construction.

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