The 5th International Training Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks Management and Development

On 29th October, the opening ceremony of the 5th International Training Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks Management and Development was held in China University of Geosciences, and Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark was invited to take part in the course, which was attended by nearly one hundred trainees from UNESCO Global Geoparks in China and Vietnam, as well as from Saudi Arabia, DPRK, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.

This training course was co-organised by China University of Geosciences with Songshan UNESCO Global Geopark and Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.Aiming at the current situation of UNESCO Global Geoparks in the Asia-Pacific region, the training course aims to promote in-depth understanding of the concept of Global Geoparks among geopark managers and to improve their management capacity, with the theme of geoheritage interpretation system and sustainable development of geoparks.

The six-day training course invited members of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council, members of the Executive Board of the Global Geoparks Network and experts from outstanding Global Geoparks and other institutions as lecturers. With the theme of geosites interpretation system and sustainable development, the training course provided systematic training on the concept and management of Global Geoparks, assessment and reassessment of declarations, management of geopark museums and visitor centres, and facilities and methods of geosites interpretation system, and combined them with analysis of successful examples and field observation visits.

After participating in this training, Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark will base on the long term, make systematic management of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, let the geopark develop in a sustainable way, and continuously improve the facilities and methods of geosites interpretation, so as to bring better experience for tourists.

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