Participation of Keketuohai UGGp in the Symposium on the Promotion of Popular Science Education Base

On 23 October 2019, the Office of Natural Resources of the Autonomous Region convened the "Symposium on Promoting the Work of Popular Science Education Bases" to exchange work experience, listen to work suggestions, take advantage of the characteristics of the natural resources science bases, focus on the overall goal, play a good role in promoting the publicity of the natural resources science bases, and clarify the work ideas and initiatives for the next period. Work ideas and initiatives in the coming period. Relevant offices of the Office, Geological Society, Land Society, Surveying and Mapping Society, as well as the Natural Resources Bureaus of the relevant prefectures and autonomous regions and the heads of five land and resources science bases in the autonomous region attended the meeting.

The meeting held that since the naming of the five national land and resources science bases in the natural resources system of the autonomous region, the bases have given full play to their respective resources and advantages, conscientiously fulfilled their duties in publicity and education, and made use of the "World Earth Day", "National Land Day", "National Science and Technology Activity Week", "National Science Day", "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day" and other occasions to carry out a series of colourful and effective activities around the publicity theme. "National Science and Technology Activity Week", "National Science Popularisation Day", "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day" and other occasions, around the theme of publicity, to carry out a series of colorful, sound and effective Publicity and education activities. The activities were fun and entertaining, highlighting the function of science education bases and promoting the healthy development of natural resources science popularisation in the autonomous region. The meeting considered that there are four working experiences worth continuing to adhere to in the future: First, focusing on the overall goal, firmly establishing the awareness of social responsibility, and adhering to the principle of social public welfare is the basic requirement of doing a good job of science education bases; second, adhering to the "Outline of Action Plan for the Scientific Quality of the Whole Nation" as the overall leader, and strengthening the management of the bases is the basic prerequisite for doing a good job of science education bases; third, based on the actual situation, integrating the resources of popularisation of science to create a special activity brand and form characteristic advantages. special activity brands and form characteristic advantages. It is the basic method to make the popular science education base vibrant. Fourthly, to establish a sound management system and improve the operation mechanism is the basic guarantee for the standard operation and sustainable development of the popular science education base.

The meeting carefully analysed the deficiencies in the construction and management of popular science education bases. Firstly, the popular science infrastructure is not perfect enough; secondly, the financial investment in the construction of popular science bases cannot meet the needs of the development of popular science work in the new period; thirdly, the use of popular science bases to carry out popular science activities is not new enough, not strong enough, and not effective enough; and fourthly, there is a lack of professional talents in the exhibition and teaching of popular science bases.

The meeting requested that all relevant units should promote the management and service work of popular science education bases in a practical and pragmatic working style and in a spirit of real work. Firstly, we should optimise the internal management mechanism and stimulate innovative vitality; secondly, we should continuously improve the infrastructure construction of science popularisation bases; thirdly, we should continuously explore new means of science popularisation activities; fourthly, we should increase the financial input of science popularisation bases through multiple channels; and fifthly, we should strengthen the construction of the talent team of science popularisation bases.

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