Keketuohai:The Most Beautiful Tourist Resort in China.

2019 Culture and Tourism Integration Development Conference Quality Tourism Ceremony List Unveiled
Keketuohai Wins The Most Beautiful Chinese Tourist Resort Honour

On 20 September, the "2019 Culture and Tourism Integration Development Conference" kicked off in Tianjin, where more than 300 industry colleagues gathered to create beautiful scenery. At the conference, Keketuohai was awarded the honour of "The Most Beautiful Tourist Resort in China" by the International Tourism Federation (IFTF), and Mr. Yuan Yong, Vice President of IFTF and Chairman of the China Region, conferred the medal and award to Keketuohai.

The International Tourism Federation (IFTF) was founded in 1967 by General de Gaulle at the initiative of Mr Pierre Jotte, President of the French Academy of Overseas Sciences. It is a highly influential international non-governmental organisation in the tourism industry, with headquarters in Paris, France, and chapters and offices in 32 countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and its awarding activities have an authoritative international influence.

Under the strict selection process of recommendation, expert selection by the organising committee, and network publicity and supervision, the "Most Beautiful Chinese Tourism Cities, Most Beautiful Chinese Tourism Destinations, Most Trusted Travel Agencies, Most Popular Hotels, Best Tourism Service Enterprises, and Outstanding Contributors to China's Culture and Tourism Industry" were selected. Keketuohai won the award for its superior natural resources and tourism quality.

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