Image and service start from me
Keketuohai  is a national 5 a-class scenic area, and realize rapid and sustained development of eastern altay region above the key point, state-level scenic spot as the world geological park construction and the advancement of filing work, in the image of the scenic area set up and improve aspects of service quality put forward higher requirements. Now according to the development of cocoa Joe sea tourism, formulate keketokay sea scenic spot "image set from me, starts from me service" activity implementation plan as follows.,A, the purpose of the activity,By conducting "image from my tree - service starts from me" activities, in the aspect of image to guide good image, good tourism environment, high management level; Services to standard operation, service specification, language polite, behave well.,Second, the general requirements,According to the specification, standard, content, workers from the service quality, service means and service content, service attitude, service environment and other aspects, to improve the overall level of tourism service, set up the service spirit of wuxi.
Keketuohai National Geopark
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