Statistical work class of Keketuohai Geopark
    On May 25, the xinjiang accumulate rich cocoa sea geological park management committee will tourists, accommodation, catering, etc, the statistical work in cocoa sea town organized scenic area statistical work training, cocoa all enterprises within the jurisdiction of the sea park, hotel, the guesthouse, animal husbandry, knorr are included in the scope of training, a total of more than 30, head of the statistical work to attend training.,
   Statistical training class in the ceremony, the scenic area management committee secretary of the committee Ronald wong, according to the important speech, statistical work of scenic area and geological park plays an essential position in the development of tourism, a cornerstone role. With the national economic and social development, tourism statistics situation more and more serious, statistical task arduous complex, social credibility and transparency of open form new challenges. Require statistical workers to learn business knowledge within their respective jurisdictions, economic foundation knowledge, computer and related laws and regulations, such as knowledge, grasp the main point, enhance the quality, the foothold official duty, fulfill their duties, to further improve the work efficiency and business skills, with cocoa sea tourism economic and social development to make due contributions.

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