The theme activity on China tourism Day about Keketuohai Geopark
    On May 19, the Keketuohai Geopark management in Xinjiang , Keketuohai town middle school assisted 2016 "5.19" China tourism day "and the world geological park, promote the harmonious development of tourism" theme activities held in cocoa keketokay vein no. 3, activity of youth league, more than 100 students who attend. Can management committee, secretary of the party working Ronald wong, can resolve various bureaux, sea town, cocoa sea town middle school, the pearl of north xinjiang co., LTD. Related leaders attended the event.
   On the ceremony of the activities, in order to create a civilized and orderly tourism environment in the whole society, solid, civilization tourism, more than 100 members of the youth, in the school student collective recitation of the civilization tour convention can management committee secretary of the party working Ronald wong personally awarded 10 "civilized tourism small supervisors".

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