ShaoFeng's trip of the environmental protection Department in Autonomous region
    Department of environmental protection on May 6, the autonomous region party secretary Shao Feng a line to the fuyun, cocoa keketokay independent development work to promote industrial transformation has carried on the on-the-spot investigation, altay QiChongJiang prefectural party committee members, area vice commissioner of fly, ha transcribing again, fuyun county wei secretary Zhang Junjian and cocoa sea the ac and rare leadership accompanying research related to company.
    A trip after the meeting, the research group of came to no. 3 vein, geological exhibition, the national geological park has carried on the on-the-spot investigation,Heard about cocoa sea builders in special times together, perseverance, hard work, innovation, win honor for our country, selfless dedication of the story, and was then emerged labor model, a large number of technical personnel and experts of the advanced character and special historical contributions deeply touched.

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