Keketuohai Geopark opening anouncement 2016
    With the footsteps of spring drifting close, Keketuohai Geopark will be officially began on April 18, this year's operation. Cocoa sea natural landscape and cultural landscape complement each other, the glow of the inherent style. Winding mountain in the magnificent, indoor and outdoor water mountain because of water and clever, water because of the mountain plain, landscape dependencies, blurred dream; PAM stone mimicry pictographic, tree green CongCui, stone for tree vigorous tree thickness by stone, stone tree is strewn at random, don't be boring and wit; Stone landscape trees, common renew cocoa sea unique natural landscape. Various gem, rich mineral, declaring the legend of the geology here. Thousands of nomadic, thousands of animal husbandry; The last one thousand years grassland nomadic culture, hot simple, primitive, its rich ethnic customs. Wine and beauty, waiting for you!

Keketuohai National Geopark
ADD:China Xinjiang Fuyun County Road 8 may be united management committee office
Operating Hours:09:00 - 18:00 67141999
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