Late spring about Keketuohai Geopark

   Kekesuli  in one of the most beautiful in the park - the blue lake, it is a beautiful name as its beautiful figure. Is blue clothes, and the wind ripples of reed for it more add a soft, reminiscent of the south, water, produce water tender feelings.,Come out of cocoa in spring 2016 and snow cover, awaken in the breeze of the wind, she was delighted at the surrounding, just as we rejoice looked at her. Jagged reed crop of graceful no longer have a graceful demeanour, but have no effect of cocoa in feminine, because it is reflected in the water of the figure is still a kind of feminine.
   Kekesuli  in spring is clearly a YingChunTu birds, blue waves in the blue air, have a girlfriend, seagull over and egrets dance, black crane wings, grey goose surprised. The chanting of sheep, on a distant hillside, the waves of a wave, they bowed their heads and eating grass while telling the love of spring, on the prairie.,Spring cocoa Sue you blue lakes to the cocoa in blue sea people's feelings, clear, quiet, rational, peaceful. Come on, to the cocoa suri, embracing the blue sky, blue waves, hug blue dream!
Keketuohai National Geopark
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