The party branch election work completed successful of the administration of Keketuohai Geopark
    April 1 morning, the Management Committee, Party branch members of the General Assembly held a general election. Branch agencies a total of 16 party members attended the meeting.
    Meeting learning "Fuyun County Party Organization in a general election," the spirit, read a scenic Party committee member candidates for the new branch of the Committee approved, by a "party of the General Assembly electoral methods", elected by the prison tickets and tellers list, according to the electoral process, standardized and orderly conduct of the general election to elect by secret ballot and competitive elections produced with Comrade Li Xiumei as secretary of the new party branch committee.
    At the meeting, committee secretary Zheng Jun Ji claim the new branch committee must strictly implement the Party's decisions and arrangements, practice the "three strict three real", according to the study made by the general secretary in the party to carry out "two to learn to do a" requirement a good grasp of all party members and branches of learning activities, do a good job of self-construction branch, and strive to build a learning, service-oriented, innovative branch, and play a vanguard and exemplary role of party branch fighting force and members.
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