Cherished Habitat for Humanity
  At the beginning of March 2016, Chun-fang of origin, after the spring equinox, flowers are blooming everywhere around the country.
  At this spring to later in the northern FUYUN Keketuohai some of them, but to take this occasion before the spring snow melt, Keketuohai Geopark Management Committee seize the opportunity to "Thirteen Five" plan "Five idea" green concept as the theme park's deep Dongmochunchu park plant monitoring system, in the park, accompanied by the person in charge of the careful and comprehensive understanding of the growth conditions for plant growth problems encountered effective protection to ensure here still bring a piece of vitality and beauty for us when the arrival of spring.
Wherein KEKETUOHAI of "husband and wife tree" is the "green" activities in the first leg. Located in Xinjiang Fuyun County, two couples tree Keketuohai Geopark, no wonder people come here, and so many tourists to the dumping, so that photographers were fascinated. They are born together, spring and summer are the same lust Pitt drops, a yellow autumn a still green in winter, they cling to each other, to spend the cold.
  The activities Keketuohai park geological, botanical scientific and effective management, earnestly implement and practice the "Thirteen Five" developing "green" concept. Protection of geological heritage from its start, set an example ignite our love of humanity's common home.

Keketuohai National Geopark
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