The construction conferences of Xinjiang wisdom tourist attractions

March No.1 - No5,2016,  The special meeting about wisdom tourist attractions building was held in Yangzhou by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The deputy general manager Hu Yan of Keketuohai scenicl , The Minister Du Jian of  marketing department attended the meeting and site visits to learn. The meeting lasted four days,There are the following agendas: to promote the meeting, real training, combat training, special counseling, accurate counseling organization signing.
    It was made Departmentwith the signing of Slender West Lake Management , Central Bank Branch Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang-known enterprises, travel resorts wisdom Information Technology Co., strategic cooperation.
    Signing of this cooperation will further accelerate the pace of Keketuohai wisdom scenic construction, tourism service intelligent management of digital marketing precision of consumer convenient, offers visitors a full range of travel services wisdom, and to some extent, promote thedeclare work of Keketuohai 2016,bout the globle geopark.

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