Science education of Keketuohai management committee
    2016 is the acceptance Year about the declare of keketuohai global geopark.The building of Science village (community) as a  an important part of the "Creation" work, Keketuohai management committee joint with County Land Resources Bureau made the Educational seriously combine the park and the
 Features of Kazakh national, and then  promote the science village (community) building.
   This educational content includes Why build geoparks, meaning of Establishthe Geopark and so on. Through Kazakh language teaching by multimedia, give out the learning manuals form, to ensure that the course of study into the village (community).
   The science education relates Keketuohai town communities, Talat Village, spit khun rural village Baikezile care leave, education of the masses more than 450 passengers, issuing more than 800 education manual. Training to achieve the intended purpose of reporting the world geological park laid a good mass base.
Keketuohai National Geopark
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