Call for papers about Keketuohai logo Design
    In order to shape the public image FUYUN Koktokay Geopark, to build geological park  brand,Keketuohai geopark management committee start to Open call for the community about the geopark LOGO today.The relevant FUYUN Koktokay Geopark logo design requirements to do the following instructions.
  Design requirements
   1. The design should be fully reflect one or more features and cultural history and cultural heritage about Keketuohai Geopark landscape.
   2. Design novel, simple in structure, color simple, clean and elegant, fresh and stylish, meaning appropriate.
   3.With a strong visual impact, easy to recognize and remember.
   4.If it should use the name of the park,youcan use Keketuohai Geopark 's chinese name or KOKTOKAY GEOPARK, emblems are not required to use text.
 Submission requirements  
 1.Submission time:From now until May 15, 2015.
   2. You can submit the written Design or electronic text styles also.the  Written design submited  should be printed on A4  printing paper, electronic document must be submitted in vector format, but also notes description.
   3.All designs shall be stated the word "logo collection" in the upper left corner, filling the designers name and contact information In the lower right corner position design style.
contact method
   1.Call Unit:Keketuohai geopark management committee in Fuyun Xinjiang.
   2.Post adress:8 North unity street in Fuyun County, Altay region, Xinjiang  China.
   3.Contacts:Sun Zhao.
   4.Zip code:836100
   5.Tel Number:0906-8727253
   6.Fax Nuber:0906-8727253

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