The earthquake fault zone of Kara siegal
    The earthquake fault zone of Kara Siegel is the left remains of the eight earthquake happened in FUYUN in 1931  , it is one of the world's rare earthquake fault zone. The earthquake affected the global, regional scope clearly felt a diameter of 2,500 kilometers, the center left Kara Siegel first 1500 meters long, 350 meters wide spectacular subsidence area, hard rock is shocked split a width of 6 m, depth 10m trenches, stretching over 20 km mountain overall decline of 10 meters, with ridge ridge, beaded rift Tong, drum kits, Zhang cranny earthquake ruins landscape. The ruins still intact, is the world's seismic history of the most spectacular, the most striking and best preserved earthquake ruins, known as "earthquake museum," said, with geological research, scientific investigation, eco-tourism value.
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