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Kara prior Siegel is close to Altai edge of Junggar Basin of a mountain, in a study trip, when I crossed the Gobi desert, into the mountains, almost effortlessly earthquake fault can be observed through the mountains, over the ditch across the gully spectacular. Surface earthquake fault scarp left long as signposts along it forward, over several Pass, it is easy to come near to the epicenter location Kara Siegel. Havoc surface clearly shows the power of the earthquake, in the 1500 meters long, 350 meters wide collapse of the earthquake epicenter area, ground fissures crisscross development not only in loose deposits and even hard rocks also pulled opened six meters wide, 10 meters deep deep grooves, you can see the ridge is cut off and the occurrence of a number of earthquake fault wrong move. Kara first Nightingale mountain area about 20 kilometers overall actually dropped 10 meters, and the collapse of the mountain due to fracture in Kara Siegel first hill on the east side of the formation of large-scale surface fracture slump, slump face east side of the mountain overall subsidence exposed height of 60 meters above the cliff faults in fault scarp foot cliff, forming a beaded water depressions. The earthquake ruins make it a thunderbolt year, Shanbengdelie scenes such as in front, shocking.

Fuyun earthquake in science as well as its special significance, and the circum-Pacific seismic belt and the Eurasian seismic belt of the Himalayas to the Mediterranean different Fuyun earthquake does not occur on the joint section of the fault zone, but in the on a relatively small scale intraplate fault, the earthquake caused by the fault of such mechanism is still a mystery.

Because Fuyun earthquake ruins reservation is clear and complete, with a high scientific value and to visit, it has attracted many domestic and foreign scholars come to study, to become the industry's high visibility resort seismic and geologic studies. When I first went to Kara Siegel, had a chance encounter with seismologists in Japan, despite the commonplace from earthquake country, they still showed great interest in Fuyun earthquake ruins.

Most earthquakes on Earth, are the fault of activities, triggering Fuyun earthquake, is known as the two sets of faulting fault. Interestingly, yes, right Fuyun earthquake ruins course of the study, two sets of people along the fault also found more remains of ancient earthquakes, it shows that Taiwan has a long history of active faults, its continuous accumulation of energy, but also through time and time again earthquake continue to release. Due to the long break of two sets of activities, large and small river systems flowing through the two sets of break, to adapt to changes in structure and constantly adjust, so generally formed suddenly turn off the water system or the wrong phenomenon, some alluvial valleys Taniguchi also obvious misalignment and deflection. It was observed that, at least since the late Cenozoic, two sets of horizontal fracture dislocation cumulative distance is more than 30 km.

Fuyun earthquake in the heart of the Asian continent in the Pamir - Baikal seismic activity in the area, this is the highest intra-Asian earthquake zone earthquake frequency of the continent, one of the largest areas of strength, more than 8 earthquake since 1900 amounted to 7 times. The two sets of fault where the Altai - Gobi Altai seismic zone, 100 years have occurred in 1905 north of Mongolia, 1933 Fuyun 1957, more than three times the Gobi Altai 8 earthquake, the time interval is only about 26 years, this earthquake Seismic activity zone and the Pamir and Tianshan also alternating phenomenon. Fuyun earthquake fault zone and the world, many other earthquake faults, together, constitute the earth stunning new construction activity remains.
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