China major earthquake zone
    Our country in the world's two most seismic belt, circum-pacific seismic belt and Eurasian seismic belt, between the Pacific plate, the India plate and the Philippine sea plate extrusion, earthquake fault zone are well-developed. Since the 20th century, China received a total of more than 6 magnitude earthquake, nearly 800 times throughout except for guizhou province and zhejiang provinces and outside the Hong Kong special administrative region of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.
   China earthquake activity high frequency, intensity, the source of shallow, wide distribution, is a serious earthquake disasters. Since 1900, the number of people died in the earthquake in China more than 550000, accounting for 53% of the global earthquake deaths; Since 1949, more than 1949 times the destructive earthquake hit 22 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), including 14 provinces in the east, which killed more than 270000 people, accounting for 54% of the national all kinds of disaster death toll of earthquake hazard area of 30 square kilometers, 7 million houses collapsed. The seriousness of the earthquake and other natural disasters constitute one of the basic national conditions of China.
   China's earthquake are mainly distributed in five regions: Taiwan area in north China, southwest, northwest, and southeast coastal area and article 23 seismic belt.
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