Theory of continental drift
Continental drift theory initially by autrey uz (Abraham Ortelius) is put forward in 1596, German scientists later Alfred wagener in 1912 are discussed, in the Chinese theory of continental drift, "continental drift hypothesis" shall mean the same concept. The bold theory has been ignored by academic circles until the 1960 s ocean expansion that appear, to development of continental drift said later to more in this paper, the theory of plate tectonics. Main content for the ancient times the earth is only a piece of "pangea" or "pangea's vast land, known as" pan ocean "surrounded by waters, about 200 million years ago" pangea began to burst, to about 2, three million years ago, continental drift of form now the basic landscape of seven continents and five oceans.
First, assume the interior of the earth is basaltic, but the surface is granite, and mainland China like iceberg floating on the surface, float on melting molten basalt. Mainland mobile separation because of the tidal push.,Geological evidence: the Appalachian mountains is northeast to southwest, near to the Atlantic ocean on the west bank is interrupted, and geological research proved Scandinavia mountains with Scotland, Ireland and the Appalachian mountains. In addition, there is evidence to prove that the South African open PuShan and Buenos Aires mountain is a butcher. Visible once for a time, America, Africa and Europe are connected.,Continental margin of the match: to Africa and South America together on both sides of the Atlantic, on both sides of the continental margin can fit and perfect fit. And through the rock on both sides of the Taiwan studies, found somewhere off the coast of rock formation in Africa, just off the coast of South America split and since the same strata, confirm two continents were once connected again.
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