The father earth Day
"The father of earth day" : Dennis hayes, beautiful environment of the Columbia river gorge Washington, grown in the United States, he brought up from childhood hobby character of nature. In college, although he was in law, but never give up concern for environmental problems.,Engaged in the activity,
The first earth day activities,
known as the "father" of the earth hayes successively to the smithsonian institute and the state of Illinois, study and formulate relevant energy policy. Then we get the schlesinger appreciation, then the energy minister served by orgnaization of the doe solar energy institute. Hayes has been engaged in environmental protection activities, in 1955, he with his friends discuss organizing events to commemorate the anniversary of earth day 20. He quickly to get the support of most countries in the world and the United Nations.
Honor rewards,
Given Dennis hayes made major contribution in environmental protection career, he was awarded the Sierra Club, the federal wildlife association, American charity association, the American solar energy society, away from the war organization and Interfaith Centerfor Corporate Responsibility's highest honor award. Dennis hayes also won a 1978, Jefferson community service award, best under 35 had evaluated by image Magazine (Look Magazine) in the 20th century one of the most influential people in the United States in 100, and 100 by the national audubon society one of the most outstanding environmentalists. In 2000 the famous times, Time Magazine named one of 100 "the hero" earth.
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