The world earth day
    Earth day on April 22, 1970, is the human history the first large-scale mass environmental movement. As the beginning of modern environmental movement, which encouraged the establishment of the western environmental regulations. Such as the United States has successively introduced the Clean Air Act, clean water, and endangered animal protection law and other laws and regulations; Earth day in 1970, also became the establishment of the national environmental protection bureau, and to a certain extent, contributed to the 1972 United Nations conference on the human environment for the first time held in Stockholm, and vigorously promoted the development of the cause of world environmental protection. The United Nations environment programme (unep) was established in 1973, an international environmental group, greenpeace, and government agencies and organizations to protect the environment around the world continue to increase, "earth day" plays an important role. As a result, earth day has become a global activity.
   In the first earth day, after the success of the national government and environmental groups have set up environmental protection branch, the "earth day" became more national common environmental anniversary. On April 22, 1990, "earth day" became the first "international earth day,", 200 million people in 141 countries around the world, thousands of activities around the world. Participate in the group held seminars, activities such as parades, cultural performances, clean environment to advocates the spirit of "earth day", and further put pressure on the government, looking forward to more attention and policy. According to the "earth day" international coordinator McGrath said, group in 140 countries with "earth day" activities. This activity than 20 years ago the size of the first earth day activities, many countries put on Sunday (April 22, 1990) as the highlight of the week activities.
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