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Protection measures

Protection measures

In the first-class protection area, necessary sightseeing footpaths and relevant facilities can be arranged there, but they must be in harmony with the environment of the landscape. Quantity of tourists shall be controlledand the entrance of motor vehicles is forbidden. The second-class and the third-class protection areas are general protection areas, in which a few geoscience tourism service facilities are allowed to be built, but structures irrelevant with geoscience landscape must

be restricted; each construction project and facility shall be harmonious with landscape environment. In all protection areas of geological relics, it is not allowed to proceedany engineering construction activities that are not in conformity with the protective functions and prospecting and development of mineral resources. No large-sized service facilities shall beestablished, such as hotels, guesthouses, training centers, sanatorium, etc.

(1)Strengthen protection management of key protection objects: ①protection for granite geomorphy;②protection for Kalaxianger fault zone and earthquake relics;③protection forKeketuohairare metal deposits and mining sites;(2)Publicity &education and participative management of protection knowledge;(3)Control and management of tourist capacity;(4)Improvement of tourism products and tourism modes;(5)Construction of information data of the Geopark.

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