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National Geopark of China

National Geopark of China

National Geopark of China refers to a geopark which has passed the examination and approval of specialists organized by administrative management department of the Chinese Government, and officially approved and branded by the Ministry of Land and Resources. Adhering to principles of protecting geological relics, promoting sustainable development of local economy, culture and environment, national geoparks are built as a place offering sightseeing, leisure, medical and health care, scientific research, science popularization education.

Logo of National Geopark

The pattern of logo of national geopark of China adopts primitive pictograph “山”(shan, mountain), which stands for hillstone and geomorphologic landscape such as mountain peaks and strange caves; primitive pictograph “水”(shui,water),which stands for stratum, fault and fold; and dinosaur model, which stands for remains of prehistoric life. The whole pattern not only reflects the abundant connotations of geological science, but also represents the richness and exquisiteness of the Chinese culture.

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