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  • 1201-2016Lakes and rivers ecological protection Water, boasts beautiful clever. Through the cocoa sea breeze scenic area of eltrix river, is China's only from east to west river flows into the arctic ocean. Mountains of ice and snow melt, mountain spring…
  • 1201-2016Mineral resources World-class granite pegmatite deposit, dozens of vein especially in three series of the most typical and representative. There were more than 80 kinds of mineral symbiosis, the main lithium, beryllium, niobium, tanta…
  • 1201-2016Strange mountain diffrent stoneAlong the river between rapid arrangement of granite peaks, peak wall roundy, morphological diversity, fengfeng deducing the beautiful story, a one hundred single eight peaks. Strange rocks landscape, it is between 2.08 …
  • 2512-2015protective facilities In 2013, 82 million yuan was invested to the construction of Keketuohai National Geopark project. Plan, design and study feasibility preparation for the project of demonstrative block of Keketuohai renowned characte…
Keketuohai National Geopark
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